We at LittleDaVinci.com are often asked why we decided to create a business around our movement instead of a charity?  It’s a great question, considering that one our goals is to raise money for elementary and middle school art programs.  We strive for sustainability, so if we want to inspire creativity and promote the artistic creations of children forever, then we cannot rely solely on the donations of willing individuals or corporations.  One of our favorite companies, TOMS Shoes, provides shoes for kids all over the world through business, not charity.  The founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, explains why in an interview he did at the Clinton Global Initiative.  We think his answer works well for LittleDaVinci.com, so become part of our movement and upload your child’s artwork, then buy some note cards or a print!  As always, we give 20% of all sales back to our partner schools in order to keep art and creativity alive for our kids.



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miART by UBS




UBS partners with LittleDavinci.com to showcase children’s art online, and raise money for local Miami schools during Art Basel

Columbus, OH – December 9, 2010 – Art Basel brings some of the top artists from around the world to Miami each year, but for some local students, their art will be shared with the world in an online gallery from Columbus, Ohio based, LittleDaVinci.com.

UBS, the longtime sponsor of Art Basel, has partnered with LittleDaVinci.com and Hands On Miami to showcase the artwork of many local Miami students. In association with the launch of the “miART by UBS” program, which is a year-round mentoring program for underserved student artists from the Miami area, LittleDaVinci.com has created an exclusive gallery for the students who participated in this amazing program during Art Basel. Visitors to the website can view each piece of artwork and also customize different gifts such as prints, greeting cards, holiday ornaments, and more.

LittleDaVinci.com has pledged to donate100% of the proceeds of anything sold through the “miART by UBS” gallery, directly back to the schools involved. It’s a fantastic way to help support Miami’s young artists.  If you are interested in seeing some of the work created by the kids, please go to LittleDaVinci.com and type “miART by UBS” into the search box at the top of the page.

LittleDaVinci.com is an online art gallery dedicated to the artwork of children from Pre-K to 8th grade. We provide a way for teachers, parents, and organizations to showcase and share the artwork created by their children for free. Families, friends, and supporters can view each piece of art and customize it, so they can begin producing prints, greeting cards, holiday ornaments, and more.  It’s a great way to begin collecting the memories of their child’s work forever. With every item sold, LittleDaVinci.com donates 20% directly back to the partner school or organization. It’s a great way to preserve the art of our children, while raising money for local schools and organizations.  Please visit LittleDaVinci.com to learn more and register for free.  LittleDaVinci.com is a Columbus, OH based company, located in Victorian Village.